ZUCZUG Car Air Conditioning Booster Pumpbelt Tensioner Pulley For A4 S4 A6 S6 VW Passat B5 058 260 511 4PK855 058260511C

€29.02 €23.22

For Car model: VW Passat B5 1997-2005 1.6 ANA/ADP/AHL/ARM/ALZ 1.8 AFY/ADR/APT/ARG 1.8T AEB/APU/ANB/AWT 1.9TDI AHH/AHU/AVB/AFN/AVG/AJM/ATJ/AVF/AWX 2.0 AZM/ALT 2.0TDI BGW A4 S4 1995-2005 1.6 ADP/AHL/ARM/ANA/ALZ 1.8 AFY/ARG/ADR/APT/AVV 1.8T AEB/APU/ARK/ANB/AWT/AWM/AJL 1.9TDI 1Z/AHU/AFN/AVF/AVB/AWX/AJM/ATJ A6 S6 1996-2005 1.8 ADR 1.8T AWT 1.9TDI AWX/AVF 2.0 AAE/ABK/ADW/ACE Superb 2002-2008 1.9TDI AWX/AVB/BSV/BPZ/AVF 2.0TDI BSS Product part number: 058 260 511 ​4PK855 Other Product part number: 058 260 511 058 260 511 C 058-260-511 058-260-511-C 058260511 058 260 511C 058260511 C 050 903 137 06B 903 137 050 903 137 B 058 903 137 C 058 903 137 E 06B 903 137 A 050-903-137 06B-903-137 050-903-137-B 058-903-137-C 058-903-137-E 06B-903-137-A 050903137 06B903137 050 903 137B 058 903 137C 058 903 137E 06B 903 137A 050903137B 058903137C 058903137E 06B903137A Package composition: 1.8T Air Conditioning Belt Tensioner Pulley 058 260 511 x 1Pcs Air Conditioning Power Steering Booster Pump Belt 4PK855 x 1Pcs About Us: We were founded in 2007, We have a physical store in China, staff member has a wealth of practice And experience For VW Audi Car Components. Professional technical staff can solve many problems for you China 's large factory direct sales, original products, quality assurance. Buyer payment method: Usually we we accept the following payment methods: credit card; moneybook; T / T; Western union.And Our Protection only gives the payment ways acceped by platfrom Buyer Pre service: Dear buyer: We are Volkswagen manufacturers in China, the new original products, please rest assured to buy. To meet the buyer's request is our primary task, We hope to welcome welcome and us We are committed to within 12 hours to give a satisfactory answer to the buyer questions. After Payment Service: Please check your address and the phone number is correct so that we can print the shipping label. We will choose the fastest way to transport your package according to your country and zip code If you have your own way of logistics options, we will send your package in accordance with your logistics. We will provide the logistics tracking number during the shipment so that you can view the package at any time. Contact us and we will always check your package logistics information. 1.We have stock, We are committed to sending the product within 24 hours. 2.If the product is missing or damaged due to logistics reasons, please contact us after we check. We will be in accordance with your request, return the money or re-send the product to you 3. If you have not received your item, please contact us promptly for no assistance. Thank you for understanding 4. the buyer is responsible for any tariff, tax and customs charges in your country. Please check your address before ordering. Commissioner received product service: 1. We will explain to the buyer the method of installing and debugging the product. 2. We will try to meet the requirements of goods, the use of technical guidance and other 3. We will ensure the integrity of the parts of the product. 5. We guarantee the product for one year. Due to logistics reasons or product issues, we guarantee an unconditional refund or re-send the product. 6. I hope a lot of buyers and we communicate, we will give you a full answer Feedback: Dear buyers, excellent service and products are our top priority, positive feedback is a kind of support for us, And I also need your support, please give us a positive feedback, we are very grateful to your positive feedback, If you are not very satisfied with the product, please do not immediately give us the opposite of the feedback, Please contact us, we solve your problem.

  • Produkto pavadinimas: 1.8 T Oro Kondicionavimo Sistema Įtempėjas Skriemulys + Diržas
  • Suderinamos Automobilio modelį: A4 S4 A6 S6
  • Modelio Pavadinimas: 058 260 511
  • Tūris: 1.8 T
  • Elemento Plotis: 8cm
  • Specialios Funkcijos: 1.8 T Oro Kondicionavimo Sistema Įtempėjas Skriemulys + Diržas
  • Medžiagos Tipas: Metalas + Plastikas
  • Automobilio modelis: vw passat b5
  • Elemento Ilgio: 10.5cm
  • Elemento Aukštis: 3cm
  • Prekės Svoris: 0.45kg
  • Išorės Bandymų, Sertifikavimo: BMK
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: ZUCZUG
  • Elemento Tipas: 1.8 T Oro Kondicionavimo Sistema Diržo Įtempėjas Skriemulys
  • Prekės Skersmuo: 10.8cm
  • Produkto Numeris: 058 260 511 4PK855
  • Kiti Produkto numeris: 058 260 511 C 058-260-511-C 058 260 511C 058260511C
  • Nėra. Cilindrų: 4 Cilindrų
  • Metų: 1997-2005

  • Pakuotės Svoris: 0.68kg (1.50lb.)
  • Įrenginio Tipas: Nustatyti
  • Pakuotės Dydis: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 3.94in)